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This Is Us

I know what you're thinking, and yes, I thought it would be cool to use the show "This Is Us" title on the About Me page. But that's us! My gorgeous wife Justine, our 2 year-old cutie patootie Carmelina Eve, and our miracle baby boy Lucas Leonard! 

My story is pretty simple. I grew up in a great home, with incredible parents and 2 brothers. I'm the baby of 3 boys. I went to Central Connecticut State University where I studied Criminology my first 2 years. After my 2nd year I changed my major to Communication with a focus on Media Production & Performance. This was where I discovered my passion for creative media. During my third year of college I decided it was time to propose to the woman of my dreams (my EPIC proposal video is below, recommend you check it out). After proposing it was time to establish the #FamLife. Imagine this, Justine and I got married on September 6, 2015. Exactly one year later Carmelina was born on September 6, 2016. But God! After my first year of being a husband and a dad at 24 years-old I figured it was perfect timing to start pursuing my passion for creative media. 

Here I am now, a 25 year-old hubby to a smokin', wonder woman of a wife. And, a daddy to a daughter who has me completely wrapped around her little finger, and a literal miracle boy LT (ask me about his story); and I'm just trying to make a Vision become a Reality.

My Goal

"The Expectation Gap"

My goal is to not only meet every expectation you have for your dream film, but to go above and beyond and exceed all expectations with a professional grade film.

My Style

"Creative Cinematic"

I am borderline obsessed with the cinematic style in films like #gameofthrones. my style is to capture all the emotion on your wedding day or the heart behind the vision of your company through creative cinematic techniques.

My Vision


every final product starts off with a vision. I want to help bridge that gap and make your vision become a reality.